Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan



NCAOHN will seek to advance the professional growth and development of the Occupational Health Nurse by providing opportunities for continuing education and expansion of the knowledge base of Occupational Health.

a. Continue to provide a spring and fall conference to meet the needs of membership. (Education Director, Education Committee)

b. Provide a summer educational offering for chapter leadership. Invite local chapter officers to educational offering summer 2018. (Education Director to send invitation for chapter officers to local presidents)

c. Offer and publicize research and scholarships opportunities for members (Research, Scholarship, and Communication)

d. Encourage members to share best practices/outcomes/results via newsletter articles, speaking opportunities or journal articles. (Education, Research, Communication)

e. Offer an education program at the NC Safety Conference that will expand the education curriculum to appeal to Human Resource, Safety professionals and other disciplines. (Education Director, Education Committee)

f. Explore use of TED Talks to utilize influential videos from expert speakers on education and business issues relevant to occupational health nursing. (Education Director, Education Committee)

NCAOHN will strive to be fiscally fit.

a. Prepare an annual budget and monitor expenses throughout the year. (Finance Director, Treasurer)

b. Monitor investments for maximum return. (Treasurer)

c. Post conference information on state and national websites for maximum exposure and participation. (Education Director)

d. Provide conference handouts via electronic methods. (Education Director, Website)

Provide effective communication to membership

a. Deliver an online newsletter twice a year with pertinent information. (Communication, BOD)

b. Update NCAOHN website picture carousel to reflect membership. (Web)

c. Maintain up to date information on NCAOHN website (Web)

d. Explore linking with the new revised AAOHN website. (Web)

e.. Utilization of Survey Monkey Gold account for state and local chapter use. (Education Director)

Strive to maintain membership at a retention rate =/>90%

a. NCAOHN membership chair to hold periodic calls with local membership chairs to keep a pulse on activity and brainstorm ideas for increasing membership. (Membership)

b. NCAOHN membership chair to encourage local chapters to reach out to expired members. Research potential use of surveys or studies regarding ways to improve membership retention. (Membership)

c. Promote the national HUGS campaign benefits and encourage members to recruit new members. (Membership/Communication)

d. Promote the benefits of membership in AAOHN, NCAOHN and the local chapters to non-member nurses in Occupational Health. (Membership)

e. NCAOHN will strive to increase member recognition of the value of membership as a professional organization. (President, Membership, BOD)

f. Nationally, explore with AAOHN ways to increase membership and retention. (President, Membership, BOD)

Recognize members for excellence in Occupational and Environmental Health.

a. Nominate members for state and national awards(Awards)

b. Recognize newly certified Occupational Health Nurses (Awards)

Influence legislation, regulations, and policies that affect the practice of
Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety. Keep Occupational Health Nurses abreast of pertinent legislative issues.

a. Identify and monitor legislative and regulatory priorities from the NCIC, NCBON, NIOSH, OSHA, and others. (Governmental Affairs, President)

b. Disseminate to membership critical legislative, regulatory and policy issues (Governmental Affairs)